October 2022 Patreon - Twisted Halloween Fairy Tales - Sleeping Beauty
October 2022 Patreon - Twisted Halloween Fairy Tales - Sleeping Beauty

Twisted Halloween Fairy Tale - Sleeping Beauty

This month it’s all about creating fairy tale characters with a Halloween twist. My Moon and Sun tier patrons already voted for what fairy tales are going to get this treatment this month and Sleeping Beauty was one of those fairy tales. A tragedy to never be woken up and then be eaten alive by plants and birds. 😱

This month my Sun Tier Patrons are voting on multiple sticker options. They have also opted on a 2 sticker reward for this month since there will no illustration of the month (so no mini art print reward). The sticker options they are going to choose from at the end of the month includes this one and all the other Twisted Halloween Fairy Tale characters that will make their debut this month. Join my Patreon Sun Tier if you want to vote and receive this month’s stickers reward. There is only one more design for this month. So voting will start tonight on my Patreon. 🤗

Patreon - https://www.patreon.com/jmadorran

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